Something about food and wine

During this week we had the chance to taste some of the best italian products. The organizing committee tried to let you experience

something different.... from the usual "pasta-pizza-italian style", and so we had "Gnoc de Cua" on the italian table on Nations' Evening, the gourmet cheese and the wine after the cross country race in the stand prepared by "La casa del vino di Isera", (a small consortium commited to the territory), the seasoned cheese Trentingrana close  to the welcome desk - together with Trento Doc Spumante, the tradition of Regione Marche on Thursday night. The dinner prepared by the very young cooks, some of them only 14, at Cfp on Wednesday evening was just unbelievable, a five course very demanding menù. And the result was excellent.  Scij members appreciate good vine ! The trip to Franciacorta let the Scij members understand the vocation of an area famous for their excellent products. Amarone degustation on Sunday was an idea of Albino Armani, the wine producer who sponsored all our main events. On Gala Dinner tables, his 'hig level' wines will be introduced by Spumante Ferrari, a top production of a vinery more and more appreciated for its commitment to quality.